Who else is excited that summer has officially stepped on the scene? Oh man, while the local outdoor eateries might be crammed & the beaches brimming with premature sunbathers (it’s like, 65 degrees – let’s not go jumping the gun), all I gotta say is: thank you, thank you, thank you for the end of rain & foul weather. Winter might be coming in Game of Thrones, but here it’s nothing but cotton candy clouds & a blue, sanguine sky. To me, that means water-skiing & outdoor concerts & food. Oh, the food. I know you’re starting to have dreams about backdoor barbecues & fresh-baked strawberry shortcake (because honestly, I am too), so to celebrate the advent of the (arguably) most beautiful season of the year, here are some of the highest-ranked, most mouthwatering foods of the summer:


Don’t forget to download the June calendar below! That way you won’t forget about that upcoming BBQ you planned. Enjoy!