Happy August, everyone! If you’re like the rest of the world, you’re probably gearing up for the Olympics & the general chaos that is sure to follow. Large crowds flooding Rio in droves, clambering for souvenirs & jamming transportation; the highest-ranked athletes in the world scrambling for that coveted gold metal; national pride & the prevailing fanfare for each of our home team competitors stirring up excitement in all corners of the globe. It’s the international Hunger Games – but with maybeee a little less violence & a lot more fun.

Our eyes will be glued to the television, no doubt about it, but there is more to this muggy summer month than just the Rio games! You might think that August doesn’t have any official holidays, but in that assumption you would be dead wrong. July has the 4th, October has Halloween – heck, even September has the beginning of football (try arguing with a football fan that the start of the season isn’t as important as Christmas, I dare you). But none of those days hold a candle to the “tail” end of August, when National Dog Day reins supreme!

We at Twine are total suckers for furry four-legged friends, so much so that our office is a constant flurry of wagging tails, tennis balls & treats. Sneak a behind-the-scenes peek at our very fluffy & very lovable “puppy department” below:


We hope those puppy dog eyes made up for no calendar last month! But the wait is over & August is here. Your desktop will thank you!