Ok, so maybe LOVE is a strong word–& I suppose that it’s easy to say when this has been the nicest April on record in probably a decade. At least, in Seattle. BUT there is still something to be said for the last rains of the season. My feelings about April weather seem to emulate the weather itself–an ongoing battle of stormy frustration & sunny optimism. Yes, it is infuriating to dress for the sunshine that greets me in the morning only to be unprepared for the slanting showers that ensue in the afternoon (curse you, unreliable weather app!). Still there is nothing I like more than watching a scary movie to the sound of thunder and the flash of lightning, and apart from the sparse summer storms, April is pretty much the last of it until fall. The inconsistency of April weather also makes you extremely grateful for those scant days of sun. We’re so anxious to get outside and get some color on our pasty Seattle winter skin. The rain is a much needed source of life for all of the green in Washington state. Sure, Spring can be unpredictable and downright dreary at times, but there is truly not a more beautiful place than Seattle on a sunny spring day.