We Love: April Showers

Ok, so maybe LOVE is a strong word–& I suppose that it’s easy to say when this has been the nicest April on record in probably a decade. At least, in Seattle. BUT there is still something to be said for the last rains of the season. My feelings about April weather seem to emulate the weather […]

We Love: The Month of Love

Love is in the air! & we are not talking about relationships (unless you count our relationship with wine). There are tons of reasons to love February–the top of the list is obviously our adorable free calendar. However, here are 5 more: 1. Superbowl Sunday – Even if your team is not in it, it’s an […]

We Love: 2016 (free calendar!)

Happy New Year! We are officially closer to 2030 than 2000, which is absolutely crazy to us! Oh, how far we have come! Gone are gaucho pants, flip phones, & frosted lip gloss. We’re on to bigger and brighter things like rose gold smartphones (& hair!), sleek marble everything & self-driving cars. 2015 was a great […]