It’s leap year! It only happens every four years so it’s a pretty big deal. We are celebrating by taking our own leaps of faith & by sharing our awesome March calendar with you. What leap have you made this year?

Megan: I’m renewing my passport and heading to Europe for two weeks! It’s going to be my “treat yourself” for the year.

Chelsea: Well, I packed up my life & moved across the country with my 2 dogs for this job. & I’m so glad I did!

Christine: Eek, maybe buying a house! Home ownership is a scary but exciting endeavor I’m undertaking this year.

Shelby: Me too! We’ve been saving up & we’re ready to step up to real adult status.

Erin: I made another human…That’s as big of a leap as it gets!


From our Twine team to you, here’s to a year full of taking chances & pretty calendars for your tech & walls. Without further ado, enjoy the March calendar below!