The Moscow Mule has been a classic since its birth in the late 1930s.  Originating from Smirnoff owner John Martin & his good friend, a bar owner with a personal investment in ginger beer, the mule was used as a promotional tool to bolster vodka sales in post-prohibition America. Their combined ingenuity tripled Smirnoff’s business within one year & contributed to vodka’s elite status as the white spirit of choice. The drink remained popular through the 1950s but declined at the dawn of the disco era and the height of the Cold War.  However, as anyone who has been to a bar in the last year probably knows, it’s back…big time. Now everyone wants that pretty copper cup & the refreshing combination of ginger beer & a splash of lime. There are several takes on the cocktail so no matter what the season, a mule is always an appropriate decision. Here are 6 of our favorite versions–what’s your mule of choice?


1. The Moscow Mule Jello Shot 

The grown up version of our childhood snack. They certainly have a kick! Recipe from Domesticate Me.


2. The Garden Mule

The addition of cucumber & berries with muddled mint makes this the most refreshing mule yet. Try it on a sunny day or when you simply want to feel like summer. Recipe from Something New for Dinner.


3. Peach & Ginger Mule

Another perfect summer pick–the addition of peach makes this the right mule when you’re craving something sweet. Recipe from A House in the Hills.


4. Apple Cider Mule

Our personal favorite for the season–apple cider with just a hint of cinnamon, this mule puts the PSL to shame. Recipe from Sugar & Charm.


5. The Holiday Mule

Who needs eggnog? Cranberry juice & sprigs of fresh rosemary are perfect additions to get us into the holiday spirit. Recipe from Home Sweet Jones.


6. The Classic

4 oz of ginger beer, 1 shot of vodka & the juice from 1 lime–the classic never goes out of style. Tasty & refreshing without being too sweet, we are certainly fans of the Moscow Mule.


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Photography by Sarah Chicoine.