Wake up & smell the turkey! Because ready or not, Thanksgiving is upon us. Like the middle child of holidays, Thanksgiving is perpetually overlooked & unappreciated, stuck forever in the shadow of its over-achiever sibling: Christmas. Nobody seems to get as ramped up about cranberry sauce & mashed potatoes as they do about Santa & shopping for trees. Indeed, the concept of presents alone has spawned a level of commercialism unparalleled by any other time of the year. Yes, we see you Target commercials with your Christmas stockings & gingerbread men, flagrantly airing just one day after Halloween!

We, however, LOVE Thanksgiving. It’s so us! Bringing all our friends & family, no matter the distance, in one place where the hectic schedules & stress are momentarily put on pause for one shared meal together – that’s a holiday we can really get behind. We’ll admit, Christmas is magical & has a charm all its own, but our kind of holiday fête includes a barrage of homemade food, an inexhaustible reserve of red wine &  our very favorite people gathered around the table. Whether you’re hosting a laid-back “Friendsgiving” brimming with Crockpot delicacies or a traditional dinner with the whole extended family by your side, Twine has everything you need to set the mood for the best Thanksgiving ever!


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