1. Breakfast.

Start the day off right: whether it’s fruit, granola or a yogurt parfait, screw the lid on tight & you’re on the go. Great for coffee, too.


2. Flowers.

The more the better.


3. A little aquarium.

Beautiful party favors, centerpieces or classroom curiosities. Put the fish back in a bigger aquarium afterwards, or let them swim free!


4. Preserves.

While the ongoing obsession with out-of-the-box Mason jar projects continues, it’s nice to get back to what Mason jars were designed for – canning & preserving! Canned fruit & jams make treats & gifts year-round.


5. Floating candles.

Nothing’s more perfect for a summertime candlelit dinner.


6. Kits.

Emergency kit, sewing kit, you name it.


7. Message in a Mason jar.

Bottle it up & send it off to someone special.


8. Cakes.

So many delicious options.


9. Cocktails, of course.

Mix up a ready-to-serve batch for a party (summery ideas here), or better yet treat yourself to a boozy shaved ice!


10. Time capsule.

Preserve a jarful of vacation souvenirs or bury a cache of photos in the backyard. Don’t forget to dig it up someday down the road!


What else do you put in your Mason jars? Leave us your ideas and suggestions in the comments section or tag us on Instagram (@twineliving).


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