Image: School Yard Stemless Wine Glass by Twine Living.


Happy One-Question Wednesday! Last week, we talked about the gifts we give again & again. This week, we want to know:


Q: What’s one nickname you’ve had in the past?


Here are your Twine team’s answers – tell us yours in the comments below!


Val: “My grandma used to call me Pumpkin, & I had a huge temper tantrum & told her I wasn’t a pumpkin! Also, I don’t know if this counts as a nickname but my friends & I used to pretend to be the Spice Girls, & I was Baby, so we used to call each other that. I guess it was more of an alter ego than a nickname.”

Sarah: “Mo-Cat.”

Brett: “Brett Wazowski. Inexplicably, two people came up with this nickname for me completely separately. It’s a reference to the Monsters, Inc. character Mike Wazowski, but I have no notable fondness for the movie & honestly have no idea how this came out of thin air twice. I guess it just rolls off the tongue…?”

Jen: “JK, or Special K.”

Kinsey: “Skipper, because I used to skip when I was a kid. My dad will still answer the phone & say, ‘Hi, Skipper!’”

Shelby: “Shelbot.”

Jess: “Tweety Bird…The baby picture makes it make sense.”

& this week’s guest answer comes from Lindsey, who is responsible for getting our beautiful Twine catalogs into our customers’ hands. (Get excited – we’re just starting work on this summer’s catalog. So much beautiful photography to come!)

Lindsey: “My parents used to call me Loops, because I was so high-energy that I would just walk in circles all day when I was a kid. I couldn’t sit still. They still call me that. Oh, & my sister calls me Fetus.”


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