Happy One-Question Wednesday! Last week, we thought back to the last movie we saw in theaters. This week, we want to know:


Q: What’s one gift you’ve given over & over, that never fails to delight?


Here are your Twine team’s answers – tell us yours in the comments below!


Brett: “I love making people care packages. In college I used to do it for friends who were going into a tough week of finals. Now I do it for friends who live in different states, especially for their birthdays. I do candy & snacks, a postcard, pretty paper goods, earrings, something local like a Seattle t-shirt, & silly things I find around my house.”

Christine: “Bottle of alcohol. Never fails.”

Kinsey: “Candles.”

Erin: “Nice oil and vinegar sets. I have a place I always go in Chicago, called Old Town Oil. You can order it online too. I love giving fig balsamic vinegar & a nice extra-virgin olive oil. Basil olive oil & Meyer lemon olive oil are amazing too.”

Shelby: “I tend to draw stuff. People always love that.” (Editor’s note: Shelby is one of our designers.)

Sarah: “I give artwork a lot too. Not to steal Shelby’s answer…” (Editor’s note: Sarah is another one of our designers.)

Jess“Cards. Cute-a** cards.” (Editor’s note: Jess is another one of our designers.)

& this week’s guest answer comes from Jasmine, yet another of our talented designers!

Jasmine: Whiskey Rocks. & socks. I’ve never seen anyone unhappy getting socks.”


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