Meet Taiko, constant companion of Val, our exceptionally talented catalog & marketing design manager. Most days, two-year-old Taiko can be found sprawled on his fluffy dog bed in the corner by the second-floor windows. Here’s what he had to say!



(Val working at her desk; I sit right behind her, usually splayed something like in the photo above.)


1. What does Taiko mean?

Taiko comes from the Japanese word referring to a wide range of drums and percussion instruments.


2. Time at the office?

1 year, 9 months.


3. Job title?

Product Model

Featured: Playful Pup Bottle Holder.


4. Favorite moment at True?

When I got to run around on the True roof for the first time with the other office dogs. It was the best day ever.


5. Fun fact?

Val originally fostered me to become a guide dog for the blind. Though I passed through several levels of guide dog testing, I ultimately failed due to a lack of coordination! My trainer compared my lack of body control “to that of a 6 month old puppy” (I do trip and run into walls rather frequently). He told Val that, “Due to this, Taiko is being career changed. He is a friendly and affectionate dog who will make a nice addition to a loving family home.”

Though I may be the only known dog to have failed the guide dog test on clumsiness alone, the entire office was ecstatic at the news, because I got to come back to Val for keeps!


A version of this article appeared on the True Fabrications Blog on November 26, 2014.