Meet Jen Miller, brand manager & creator of Twine as it is today, who with minimal product development experience & a lot of imagination took on the task two years ago of building the fledgling brand up from scratch.


1. What first inspired Twine?

Jen: “Twine was really first conceived by the branding and packaging. I knew I wanted to use kraft packaging because I think it’s beautiful…I was also drawn to mixed materials like burlap, twine and wood combined with hand illustrations.  I think the DIY movement inspired the product line as well as my mother’s wisdom, “in simplicity is elegance.” My backyard wedding  was a huge inspiration for marriage of pretty romantic and countryside rustic while keeping it looking effortless. I wanted to develop products that were unique, looking like something found at a flea market or antique store, but also approachable, affordable and accessible.”

(Jen’s wedding, & one of the products inspired by planning it.)


2. How has Twine changed from its original iterations into the line it is today?

Jen: “When I started I was given this brand and it was called From the Vine. Looking at the original mood boards given to me (below) versus Twine’s collections today shows how much it has changed.”

(Original mood boards & logo development for From the Vine, which would become Twine.)


3. Favorite Twine product & what you use it for? 

Jen:  “I really love the Mint Julep Cup as a flower vase.”

4. Best advice you ever received?

Jen: “My grandmother once told me, ‘Never wait for a man to buy you diamonds, dear. If you want them and can afford them, buy them.’”


5. Perfect Saturday?

Jen: “Sleeping in late, lounging in bed with my two cats and dog, making breakfast (with mimosas of course) and playing a board game with my husband. Then during the day I love being outdoors – especially during summers in Seattle. If I’m not with my family in the San Juan Islands then I’d want to hike up to Rachel Lake or canoe through the Arboretum.

The perfect Saturday would be completed by an evening with friends, food and of course wine! There is nothing better than ordering too much food, having one too many glasses of wine and laughing so hard that tears roll down my cheeks.”

(Throwing a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed shower with friends.)




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